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Aspxx (Proxmark3 User)

Great work done !

Aspxx (Proxmark3 User)Proxmark3 User

Pretty happy with seller, managed to find uncommon cards pretty fast for a decent price. Recommended.

Akelios Proxmark3 User

I have tried Rfxsecure 7 byte UID changeable Desfire card in a few apartments in my country and it really works!

Lohcm88Proxmark3 User

I have recently bought a pm3 v2 easy from https://rfxsecure.com/.

Their service is very good, I always promptly received  answer on my question. Very happy to receive the pm3 v2 easy after 2 weeks. and don’t have to pay import tax.

I would recommend a buy from rfxsecure anytime.

NtkProxmark3 User
Gabriel Bona

Good service and responsive reply within 24 hours.

Gabriel BonaSiam Group (Brazil)

Always watching out for errors and making sure customers get what he wants.
The only person who has legit Gen1 S50 Mifare card in the world now!

SamBurnerProxmark3 User

Always pleasant to work with Dennis. Keep tracks and responds to email within short notice.

NickProxmark3 User

Need to crack my hotel coding. Took Dennis only 3 mins to get it done.
Always recommended for his service and quick response!

SunilHotelier (India)